Through education, we tap into the oneness and resilience of humanity to awaken and lift the world.

EDLINKS®, an education and social impact ecosystem with passion and purpose, serves educators, students, parents, businesses, and organizations with high-quality strengths-based professional development, consultations, and resources dedicated to increase education and life success; and instill a love and respect for one’s self, others, and the world.

We provide the research, the results, and the relationships.

EDLINKS® creates content, connections, communications, experiences, and opportunities for learning and life.


We make our resources accessible by offering a variety of course memberships and online consulting to share our results-based methods to Educate The New Humanity. We also offer a free newsletter for monthly thought pieces and resources.

EDLINKS® In Person

Our team of educators build custom curriculum for schools, communities, and organizations looking to amplify their social impact through education. We offer hands-on building and support in communities and organizations around the world.

EDLINKS® Social Impact

EDLINKS® Social Impact is a built community of people and organizations aligned with our vision, mission, and mantra for the future of Educating The New Humanity™. Through partnerships, we collaborate with others to do good in the world.

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Founded by a thought-leader in education, policy, and practice.

Sara Truebridge, Ed.D. is a trailblazer and globally recognized thought leader in education, combining 40+ years of experience across a diverse policy, education, and research background. She actively engages and mentors others, conducting and disseminating groundbreaking education research on topics including resilience, social-emotional learning, compassion fatigue, mindset, trauma, equity, and the role COVID-19 has had in teaching and learning.

One person, one moment, one day, one week, one month at a time – our potential for global impact is massive.

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EDLINKS™ wins 5 Communicator Awards. 

We're proud to share our Communicator Award win for Excellence across Public Service & Activism, Health, Wellness, & Pharmaceuticals, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Education / Educational Institutions, as well as an Award of Distinction for Product & Services.


is launching!

We're thrilled to further our efforts in Educating The New Humanity™ with the launch of our very own press. EDLINKS Press® expands our commitment to harnessing the transformative power of education to advance and create thought-provoking resources that uplift humanity and nurture resilience. Stay tuned for mind-opening titles from educators and authors hand-selected by us, and join our newsletter to stay informed on the latest book releases.

We are expanding our social impact.

We're creating an ecosystem of partner organizations that share our vision for the future to provide the resources to spread love and increase education and life success for all.

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Through your support, we are able to expand our impact on humanity.

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