Who We Are

We Support Individuals and Systems to Help Tackle Today's Most Pressing Challenges in Education.

We are an education and social impact ecosystem, providing high-quality, strengths-based professional development (PD), consultations, and resources to schools, educators, students, parents, businesses, and organizations to increase education and life success.

More About Our Approach
What We Do

We Create Strategies For Support at All Levels in The School System.

Supporting Students to Increase Engagement

Research and experience show that students thrive and are fully engaged at school when they feel a strong connection to the adults that care for them. Increased engagement leads to increased achievement. Students regularly face numerous challenges that stand in the way of them activating their full potential. These challenges include: pandemic recovery, burnout, lack of access and opportunity,  and issues around equity. We provide insight  and resources to create the optimal environment to support educators so they can more fully engage students. 

Supporting Staff to Increase Well-Being

The gifts and talents of educators are the most important resources in our schools. Unfortunately, these same educators bear the burden of navigating an education system often in crisis. In order to prioritize the health, well-being, and academic success of our students, we need to commit to nurturing the health, well-being and success of our educators. Central to our approach is the belief that educators must have access to  comprehensive, meaningful professional development and a wealth of opportunities for self-care. We co-create with teachers, schools, and districts a customized plan that  empowers educators  to cultivate their own resilience so that they are equipped to cultivate resilience within their students.

Supporting the System for Long-Term Success

Strategically tackling challenges at a systemic level proves to be the most effective approach for enduring impact. True positive change is the result of comprehensive solutions that permeate every facet of the educational system. By addressing the needs of parents, teachers, students, and the entire school staff, we can effectively cater to the diverse requirements of your dynamic school community. Achieving consensus on shared objectives streamlines the pathway to affecting change. We bring our practical and evidence-based experience and expertise to superintendents, districts, and schools as a resource as we develop solutions that establish an environment for sustained systemic success.

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Meet Our Founder

A Thought-Leader in Education Research, Policy, and Practice.

Sara Truebridge, Ed.D. is a trailblazer and globally recognized thought leader in education, combining 40+ years of experience across a diverse policy, education, and research background. She actively engages and mentors others, conducting and disseminating groundbreaking education research on topics including resilience, social-emotional learning, compassion fatigue, mindset, trauma, equity, and the role COVID-19 has had in teaching and learning.

Our Impact

One Person, One Moment, One Day, One Week, One Month at a Time – Our Potential for Impact is Massive.

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EDLINKS™ wins 5 Communicator Awards. 

We're proud to share our Communicator Award win for Excellence across Public Service & Activism, Health, Wellness, & Pharmaceuticals, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Education / Educational Institutions, as well as an Award of Distinction for Product & Services.

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Our First EDLINKS® Press
Book Launch.

We're thrilled to further our efforts in Educating The New Humanity™ with the launch of our very own press. EDLINKS® Press expands our commitment to harnessing the transformative power of education to advance and create thought-provoking resources that uplift humanity and nurture resilience. Stay tuned for mind-opening titles from educators and authors hand-selected by us, and join our newsletter to stay informed on the latest book releases.

We Give Back.

Social Impact is at the Heart of What We Do.

In 2023, we were proud to support our favorite non-profits. We make giving back a priority, donating 2-5% of all profits to organizations we believe in – that align with our values and help awaken and lift the world.

Our Social Impact