WELCOME! You found us!!

If you could see me right now you would see that my smile is a mile wide! The birth of a new baby has arrived, and it is not just my baby, but the baby that has been gestating for quite a while by quite of a number of parents who have been by my side every step of the way—you all know who you are! Needless to say, like any birth, the journey has had its ups and downs; joys and pains; rewards and setbacks. BUT it is here— alive and kicking—and I could not be more ecstatic!

So why now?

My heart and my head have been working together since MY birth. Those who know me know that I have led my life with this as my key insight: People are inherently good and want to learn, love, and grow as well as help others in the pursuit of living a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. The key to this is to nurture the whole person recognizing the strong and symbiotic relationship between the heart and the brain. The heart is the portal to the brain. I also have recognized that we all have the following opportunity and privilege: To help children and people of all ages and walks of life tap into their resilience and sustain transformative growth as they journey on the path towards awakening and actualizing their full potential and the oneness of humanity.

Who is responsible for Educating the New Humanity™?

Everyone! We all are! Children, youth, parents, educators, businesses, communities—all of society—have the civic and educational responsibility and privilege of Educating The New Humanity by addressing the needs of the whole child, whole person, and whole world, thus making a more positive contribution to humanity.

Link with us in our journey!

We at EDLINKS™®, and now with YOU, will journey together co-creating, educating, supporting, and sustaining a global community of peace by embracing the oneness and resilience of humanity. Together we will foster an understanding that recognizes each individual as a 'whole person'—unique in a united world—propelled by love and service.

Explore and have fun!

I invite you to take some time and explore our site and get to know us! There’s a lot of “good stuff” throughout the site and there will be more to come on a regular basis so you will want to visit often. I also invite you to comment, converse, and link with me and others in our growing community as we all do our part in Educating The New Humanity™.

Peace, Love, and Light,