We Make a Positive Impact in Schools

Our Beliefs

It only takes one educator to provide an environment to tap a student's resilience. Imagine a system where most educators understand how much they matter—to children and to the world.
A strengths-based approach means looking at a child for who they are and who they can be.
Children are The New Humanity™.

Resilience is Not a Trait, It's a Process. Every Student Has the Capacity for Resilience.

Our Approach

A New, Different Approach with Measurable Impact in Schools.

We apply innovation, thought-leadership, and theory-of-change research to everything we do.  

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How We Support Schools/Districts

Customized Professional Development, Consulting & Resources

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We Believe

Educators deserve the tools, resources, and support needed to nurture resilience within themselves and their learning communities. Together, we create environments where resilience is not just taught, but lived and celebrated–increasing the impact of education for all.

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Co-Creating Solutions

We Support People Asking Questions Like:

How do I create a culture in my school/district system that results in continued growth for students and staff?

For Long-Term, Systemic Change

How do I support students who are still dealing with the isolation and lack of socialization caused by the pandemic?

For Student Engagement

How can school district staff make stronger connections with families, when we serve a community with so many different ethnic/cultural groups?

For Educator Well-Being

Is there a professional learning experience that can help educators set personal goals that will help them find more fulfillment with the work they do in schools?

For Long-Term, Systemic Change

How do we improve student attendance when chronic absenteeism rates at my school are at an all-time high?

For Student Engagement

How do I help my teachers create lessons that build upon students’ strengths, not on their weaknesses?

For Educator Well-Being

Our Process

Goal Setting

We get to know your challenges and turn them into action-oriented goals.

Strategy Planning

Through brainstorms and strategy-building sessions, we arrive at a holistic strategy to tackle our goals.

Program Rollout

Our strategy guides us in crafting customized programs—finding the right combination of services to roll out in a comprehensive program.

Evaluation Throughout

We pride ourselves on being evidence-based, so we evaluate on an ongoing basis—tweaking our approach as needed.

Partner Highlight

Joining Forces with Constant Love & Learning

We are proud to partner with Dr. Katie Raher and her drive to help deeply passionate educators cultivate well-being, social emotional learning, and resilience within themselves, the children they support, and their broader systems—so they can expand and sustain their impact without sacrificing their health, happiness, and wholeness.

More About Constant Love & Learning

Meet Our Team

The EDLINKS® team is made up of unique individuals with strengths in education, connection, and inclusion – we all have a passion for spreading love and helping humanity.

Ruben Reyes

Leadership Liaison

Matt Moehle

Editor in Chief & CEO, EDLINKS® Press

Lindsey Godwin

Connector in Chief

Vlad Kapustin

Legal Advisor

Mark Poeppelman

Accounting Advisor

Eddy van der Paardt

Financial Advisor

“Our Resilience work with Dr. Sara Truebridge was truly the most impactful work we did with school district staff in over ten years. My observations and our evaluation of the work showed that we significantly impacted in very positive ways the thinking of staff at all levels . The results were stronger relationships with students and families, increased student achievement and attendance, and a significant rise in student expectations.”

Ruben Reyes

Superintendent of the Robla School District

Our Vision, Mission, and Mantra guide us in everything we do.

By being clear in what we believe, we focus our efforts on our vision for the future.

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Awaken and Lift Humanity

Youth and Children

We help awaken and build upon the natural wisdom and spirit of children and youth by acknowledging all the components of their whole being and providing them with quality educational practices and developmentally appropriate resources and support that guide them as they discover the importance and explore the wonders of love, service, and beauty as a means to respecting and helping themselves, others, and the world.

Educators, Parents, Businesses, Organizations, and Communities

We provide strengths-based consulting, resources, and support that engage educators, parents, businesses /organizations, and communities in nurturing the whole person. This includes not only supporting educators, parents, and adults in the process of observing, listening, guiding, and embracing the natural wisdom, spirit, and resilience of children and youth but also making a positive contribution to the world by awakening, discovering, and restoring their own wisdom, spirit, and resilience.


See Good. Do Better.

It is important to “see good”– embrace and maintain a strengths-based perspective and mindset. It is just as important to commit to “do better”— know that there is always room for positive growth and transformation, not because things are necessarily wrong today, but rather because we strive for a better tomorrow.

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