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one ecosystem inspiring people to awaken, to learn, lift, and love, co-creating a better world for everyone.

A new, different, better approach with measurable social impact.

We apply innovation, thought-leadership, and theory-of-change research.



Resilience is a process, so not a trait. Instead, it's the ability to bounce back from adversity. Resilience identifies personal strengths as well as the environmental supports, strengths, and opportunities that nourish personal strengths associated with healthy and successful outcomes. The theory of resilience is supported by 50+ years of longitudinal research.



A strengths-based approach focuses on strengths, not deficits, to bring about the personal, organizational, and societal change. Focusing on strengths is about more than donning rose-colored glasses or ignoring challenges. Instead, it is a different approach – a different mindset – that values capacity, assets, skills, knowledge, connections, and potential.


Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Appreciative inquiry (AI) is a strategy that uses positive and collaborative techniques to implement personal, organizational, and societal change. As organizations and businesses aim to improve efficiency, survive, perform better, and boost competitiveness, AI goes beyond the traditional "problem-solving" strategies, which are fundamentally negative and imply criticism and remediation. Instead, AI is rooted in breakthrough discovery and innovation, so that people, organizations, and businesses go beyond remediation – they THRIVE.  

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Our Vision, Mission and Mantra guide us in everything we do.

By being clear in what we believe, we focus our efforts on our vision for the future.

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Awaken and lift humanity

Youth and children

We help awaken and build upon the natural wisdom and spirit of children and youth by acknowledging all the components of their whole being and providing them with quality educational practices and developmentally appropriate resources and support that guide them as they discover the importance and explore the wonders of love, service, and beauty as a means to respecting and helping themselves, others, and the world.


Awaken and lift humanity

Educators, parents, businesses, organizations, and communities

We provide strengths-based consulting, resources, and support that engage educators, parents, businesses /organizations, and communities in nurturing the whole person. This includes not only supporting educators, parents, and adults in the process of observing, listening, guiding, and embracing the natural wisdom, spirit, and resilience of children and youth but also making a positive contribution to the world by awakening, discovering, and restoring their own wisdom, spirit, and resilience.


See Good. Do Better.

It is important to “see good”– embrace and maintain a strengths-based perspective and mindset. It is just as important to commit to “do better”— know that there is always room for positive growth and transformation, not because things are necessarily wrong today, but rather because we strive for a better tomorrow.

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Our growing ecosystem is the model for our collaborative community of co-creators.

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Meet Our Team

The EDLINKS® team is made up of unique individuals with strengths in education, connection, and inclusion – we all have a passion for spreading love and helping humanity.

Sara Truebridge, Ed.D.
Founder & CEO, EDLINKS®
Kay Viney

Chief of Staff, EDLINKS®

Lisa Moore
Strategic Advisor, EDLINKS®
Theresa Hammond
Director, Marketing & Communications, EDLINKS®
Lindsey Godwin, Ph.D.
Connector in Chief, EDLINKS®
Vlad Kapustin
Legal Advisor, EDLINKS®
Eddy van der Paardt

Finance Advisor, EDLINKS®

Mark Poeppelman
Accounting Advisor, EDLINKS®