A Hands-On, Collaborative Workshop to Unblock Your Barriers, Set Goals, and Achieve Them. New Dates Coming Soon.

EDLINKS® is focused on providing professional development for educators, parents, and other mission-focused professionals to support growth and learning.  We are proud to offer the Developmental Sprint®, developed by Andy Fleming and Claire Lee of the Developmental Edge, as a new approach to making lasting personal change centered around the Harvard acclaimed Immunity to Change™ (ITC) methodology. Using ITC alongside the agile concepts of planning, executing, and evaluating in short bursts, the Sprint® opens up a way of thinking about our own thinking and our resulting behavior – ultimately creating a path towards sustainable self-improvement.

Join Us for A 4-Week Journey to Accelerated Growth.  

In this 2-part workshop and 4-week sprint gain awareness around what's driving your actions, gaining the skills to:

  • Uncover your Immunity to Change™
  • Rethink how your immunity impacts your actions
  • Begin to make small changes with lasting impact

We'll kick off our launch workshop with an Immunity to Change™ Map, working in breakout groups to set the foundation for the course. In the weeks between the first workshop and the closing workshop, participants will discuss their progress in their groups and one-on-one with the assigned coach. Team work and hands-on coaching is core to our process – holding ourselves accountable for greater success.

  • A 3.5-hour Intro Workshop: February 15th

  • Weekly Real-Time Experiments: On Your Own Schedule

  • Weekly 1-Hour Peer Coaching Meetings: On Your Own Schedule  

  • Weekly 30-minute One-On-One Coaching with Instructor: Optional

  • A Final 1-hour Closing Workshop: March 14th

Meet Your Coach, Theresa.

Theresa is a trained Immunity to Change ™  workshop facilitator and a Developmental Sprint® leader and coach. Named one of the Top 15 coaches in Dallas by Influencer's Digest in November 2022, she is moved to share her experiences about the world with others – to help people discover something new about themselves and move towards reaching their true and full potential. She works to creates spaces where people will be supported and challenged, seen and heard, and inspired to move on and keep moving forward.

Living in Denton, Texas with her two teenagers, she enjoys movies, music, cooking, mixed media art and paper crafts, and traveling when she's not coaching or facilitating workshops.

What People Are Saying About The Sprint®

What People are Saying About The Immunity to Change® Process

"I did not think we would find out why I'm immune to change. ...but it has been revelatory for me”

Breńe Brown

Bestselling Author, TedX Speaker, and Podcast Host