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It's finally here! Dr. Lindsey Godwin unveils her first Children's Book. Perfect for sharing in the classroom or adventuring with a friend, "How Do You Love A Question" invites readers of all ages to rekindle that magic and rediscover the joy of simply asking questions. Cultivating a child's natural-born, question-asking tendency lays the foundation for the imaginative thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.  Dive in for a wonderful starter journey into a core pillar of our EDLINKS™ approach: Appreciative Inquiry.

About the Author

The Reviews Are In.

Nurturing and offering genuine leaps in curiosity velocity, the kind that can grow and grow across a lifetime.
David Cooperrider
Honorary Chair, Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry
Years of groundbreaking research turned into a beautiful, fun, touching, timeless book.
Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva
Founder & Chief Reinvention Officer, Reinvention Academy
Dedicated to playtime in the wildest corners of your imagination.
Roberta Baskin
Award-winning Investigative Journalist
Lindsey Godwin takes us through a fascinating path of new discoveries.
Tojo Thatchenkery
Professor and Director of Organization Development & Knowledge Management Graduate program, George Mason University.
A whimsical book for children that encourages wonder and curiosity.
Ellen M. Drolette
Early Childhood Educator, AI Practitioner, Author
Captures the magic and joy of learning.
Debra Heintz
Professor and Former Director Global Retail at Ben & Jerry's

Meet The Author,  Lindsey Godwin.

Dr. Lindsey Godwin is a questionologist who joyfully stitches questions of possibility into the tapestry of her life. She holds the esteemed Robert P. Stiller Endowed Chair of Management at Champlain College, where she spearheads the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry. She has traversed the globe, exploring profound questions alongside individuals and organizations from the United Nations to Ben & Jerry’s. Featured in publications like Psychology Today, Thrive Global, and Inside Higher Ed, she now unveils her first children's book. While she has enjoyed asking questions with CEOs to Senators, her favorite questions come up around the dinner table with her phenomenal husband and incredible two teenagers.

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